CHEDDARTON - a new N Gauge Modular Layout

A new club layout

This page will detail the build of the new club modular N gauge layout using the modular concept developed by the Weston-Super-Mare N Gauge Society local group.

The layout will be fully compatible with the existing modular layouts, but will be the first such layout for the Burnham club. The plywood has been precision cut by Sydenhams in Keynsham to give a kit of parts.

This is the plan for the 3 board 2700mm x 500mm layout

The layout in focus

Here we have the 3 boards in more detail. The layout will use Peco code 55 rail throughout and be DCC controlled.

The plan will be flexible so may change as the layout develops.  The overall driving force will be the create a high quality layout where all the scenic details look like they could have always been there.

January 2023 update

Laying the cork underlay is complete.  Track laying is complete with the point motors now fitted.  Electrical droppers are soldered to each piece of track to ensure faultless running and track laying progresses.  Ballasting is well underway.   The platforms are also being put in place and the Quayside is be raised to track hight to allow the infill of DAS modelling clay which will be rolled to form cobbles using the Shapeways rollers as detailed below.

Looking at the dockside this may be the solution for the cobbled surface

N Gauge modelling group

We are meeting on Tuesdays at the club rooms.  New members to help with the build are most welcome.  The N gauge build team now has a number of new members so we should be able to speed up the build.

Progress in pictures