Our next show 27/28 August 2022

Layouts confirmed as attending

  1. Norwich Central 0 gauge,
  2. Kleine Albula HOm  a Swiss Railway station with passing loop set in winter.
  3. The Clydach Railway 009 gauge
  4. Two layouts from the Channel 5 programme ‘The Great British Model Railway Show’ including semi finalist layout ‘Jurassic Park’ in a rebuilt format but with all the original features
  5. Westwick N gauge
  6. Enoshima N gauge Japanese modular concept using boards designed around the sectional track.  The photos show progress to date
  7. Nosach Green O gauge
  8. Clifford Chambers Street N gauge
  9. North Hurst OO gauge
  10. North Park OO gauge
  11.  Venterol-Rousset HO gauge
  12. Demonstrators Clevedon & Portishead Armchair Modellers
  13. Hookwood EM gauge
  14. Robridge OO gauge A fictional railway in south west from the 1990+  Keep your eye out as you never know what might run through on the day!

Traders confirmed as attending

  1. Ray Heard Model Railways A extensive retailer of preowned model railways and our show sponsor.

  2. GLR Model Railways bespoke model railway builders and much more! glrrailways.co.uk
  3. David Smith Books  Second hand books
  4. Andrew Wilkinson models 3D printed military models, continental and UK locomotives and coaches
  5. Just in Case Perspex display cases for display and protection of models
  6. Country Park Models for your model railway spares
  7. Eric Petrie railway artist with original paintings, limited edition prints and greeting cards.
  8. Attwood Aggregates supplying model railway ballast in a range of gauges and colours.  Plus welsh steam coal!
  9. Penduke Models – We supply a variety of scenic materials and accessories, plus a select range of pre-owned models.  We have a vast range of hand painted animals, figures and accessories in OO and N.  In addition a have a range of 3D printed items.
  10. ABC Model Railways  of Oxford, a specialist in American, British & Continental new and pre-owned models from Z to HO gauge, particular 009, N,

    HOm, with over 40 years trading experience.