Our thanks to all the exhibitors and traders who helped make this show the clubs most successful.  700 paying visitors attended the show on August 27/28th 2022.

Richard Holder with his layout the Clydach Railway won the public vote for the best layout at the show

A video of the show can be seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heT1os9wYJ4

Layouts at the show

  1. Norwich Central 0 gauge,
  2. Kleine Albula Swiss HOm  
  3. The Clydach Railway 009 gauge
  4. The Deeping Project – Great Model Railway Challenge 2019
  5. Westwick N gauge
  6. Enoshima N gauge Japanese modular concept using boards designed around the sectional track. 
  7. Nosach Green O gauge
  8. Clifford Chambers Street N gauge
  9. North Hurst & North Park OO gauge
  10.  Venterol-Rousset HO gauge
  11. Hookwood EM gauge
  12. Robridge OO gauge
  13. Hornby live steam OO gauge
  14. Heybridge Wharf  3mm