New exhibition -

Weston-Super-Mare 15 January 2023

Winterstoke Academy School, Beaufighter Road, Weston-Super-Mare BS24 8EE

Layouts confirmed as attending

  1. Axe Valley Mill O gauge
  2. Rossiter Rise OO gauge 
  3. Oxford Road 00 gauge
  4. Bridgebury Gate N gauge
  5. Wantage Tramway 009 gauge – voted best 009 layout at Warley in 2015 and has appeared in the Railway Modeller
  6. End of the Line O gauge
  7. Demonstrators – Clapham & Portishead Modellers
  8. Burnbridge OO gauge
  9. Peasenhall West MPD N gauge
  10. Aberdovey O gauge
  11. Red Hook Bay US HO gauge
  12. Ashwood Basin O gauge 
  13. Jästra HO gauge
  14. Rolvenden P4 gauge
  15. Cheddar P4
  16. Burrow Mump 1/24 scale
  17. Sodam Hall 7mm scale 9mm gauge
  18. Bridge Street N gauge
  19. Society – Cheddar Steam Club
  20. Demonstrators – A DCC demonstration from Barry & Penarth MRC

Traders confirmed as attending

  1. Ray Heard Model Railways –  A huge selection of used model railway locomotives and rolling stock
  2. Just in Case –  Perspex display cases to display and protect models
  3.  Andrew Wilkinson – 3D printed models, Swiss Model Railways HO and HOe  WW1 and WW2 railway artillery and some armoured trains
  4. Smith & Son books and paper railwayana
  5. Penduke Models –  Supplying a vast range of scenic materials, hand painted animals, people and accessories in OO and N.  Plus many 3D printed accessories and selected range of pre-owned models.
  6. Country Park Models – for your model railway spares
  7. Steve Ehrlicher Railwayana – proceeds go towards the restoration of my 1890 Midland coach, at Cranmore on the ESR.   Original railway publications, Company official postcards, other postcard size images of railway engines, carriages, wagons, etc., prints, paintings, railway paperwork, luggage labels, wagon labels, railway-related magazines, railwayana, etc.
  8. K&M trees Quality model tress, hedges and bushes for your model railway.
  9. DMG Electech – Electronics and parts supplier for model railways.  We supply all the electrical equipment and electronic items for both DCC and DC/ analogue.  We also supply a wide range of scenery and lighting.  website